Did you know?

The most important question I have for you before booking with us is, how will you remember your wedding day?  In 2015, The Knot and Wedding Channel surveyed nearly 16,000 US brides and grooms married in 2014 in their annual Real Weddings Study and found that couples spent an average of 5% of their budget on wedding video.  When you think about it, 5% is such a small number compared to all the other things that will easily be forgotten after the wedding.  We aren’t asking you to break the bank for us but want you to carefully consider all of your options when putting together your wedding.  We are here to document one of the most important days of your life through film, something that shouldn’t be 5% of your total budget.  

Why YOU need a wedding film!

In a couple of years, will you remember the flowers, or the great things your friends and family said, or even the food you ate that day?  Probably not. What we offer gets you the closest thing to your real wedding than any other part of your total investment.  Our films let you hear your loved ones giving a toast, watching your friends having fun at the reception, or seeing yourself walk down the aisle one more time.  Video and audio from every part of your wedding will last forever.


Wedding cinematography is one of the greatest investments you will ever make for your wedding.  We hope we are the right fit and offer what you are looking for in a wedding cinematography studio.  If we are, we look forward to meeting with you and being there on your wedding day.  

Your package

Our approach has been built on the idea of flexibility and creating the perfect package for you. 
All packages are custom built for each couple.

TWO Cinematographers

Every wedding has two cinematographers to capture each angle and moment of your wedding.  We will be there throughout the total coverage time.


We believe in complete coverage from start to finish on your wedding day.  Our minimum coverage time is 8 hours.  Additional time is available based on your wedding day schedule.


Your film is a highlight of the day, the essence of your wedding.  It is crafted to remember the entire story from start to finish.  We offer three different films of various lengths to give you the complete story of your wedding day. 


Don’t rely on a family friend with their handy video camera.  We film each event in entirety, including every reception speech.  You will receive the speeches on the media disc only.


After the wedding, you will receive three custom printed DVD or Blu-Ray discs with case.  All of our finished films are published online so you can share with family and friends.  We also provide downloads of your package.  


Theater premiere

You, your family, and your friends are invited to a special premiere of your wedding film in our studio.  Popcorn and drinks included!


A short 1-2 minute trailer that showcases all of the best moments from your wedding in a small trailer.  It is a sneak peek of what is to come!


A cinematic retelling of your journey thus far, as well as a unique alternative to the standard save-the-date card.


This is a photo booth without all the fancy props and funny faces.  Your wedding guests have a chance to tell their stories or simply tell you how much they love you.