Your story, retold.

Our Feature Film is a seven minute upgrade to the Highlights Film.  
It also adds another cinematographer and 4 hours of wedding day coverage.
Typical turnaround is at least 5 months from your wedding day or trailer release on the media of your choice and online.  

“This is a wedding video?”

You might ask yourself this question and the simple answer is, “Yes it is!”  We use defined cinematic film-making and classic editing to create a real film from your wedding day.  We do not set a tripod up in the back and forget about it, we are always searching for the right moments to tell your story of your wedding day. 

The ultimate family heirloom.

This is as close as you are going to get to the best thing you can show family in the future, especially your kids.  Remember when you would sit around watching your home videos from when you were a kid, you will do the same with your kids when they ask what your wedding was like that day.  This film will be something you watch time and time again with every generation. 

This isn’t enough!

Want even more footage from your wedding day?  You can purchase complete, edited footage of different events like the ceremony and dances.  This is a great addition when the Feature Film isn’t enough!